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Latino Vote Is a ‘Sleeping Giant’: Sam Gallucci, Candidate for California Governor

Sam Gallucci


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California GOP gubernatorial candidate Sam Gallucci sat down with Anthony Cabassa to talk about his candidacy and his gubernatorial proposal in a special series of interviews for El American of those running for office.

Gallucci is a 60-year resident of California, raised in Los Angeles, educated in San Diego and with business experience in San Francisco, who experienced firsthand the growth of the technology industry in the Golden State.

After a successful business life, Gallucci decided to devote himself to his family and community, so he became the senior pastor at Embrace! Church in Oxnard. He also founded The Kindom Center, an organization that provides shelter and assistance to at-risk children and women, as well as migrant farmers.

His candidacy was born, in his own words, to confront a “group of radicals” who have “taken over” the state of California and are “destroying its values and ignoring the priorities” of residents. Gallucci believes that Hispanics (or as he calls them, “the sleeping giant”) are the most affected by those who govern.

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“You are the sleeping giant and it’s your time to rise and help us literally save our freedoms and save our republic, not just in California but here in this country” he added.

Sam Gallucci against mandates and in defense of children

Gallucci opposes the mandatory use of masks and vaccines. In fact, his stance defies “any mandate” and seeks to defend individual liberties first and foremost. Moreover, he considers corruption in Sacramento to be rampant and holds the Democratic Party responsible for it.

“The Democratic Party has left most democrats” Gallucci insists. “No matter what we vote on, this radical arm of the party tends to do things that have nothing to do with what the voters have voted for.”

The candidate thinks the Democratic government that has led California in recent years has hurt children in schools and outraged parents’ rights to free education for their children. “This radical party is stripping parents of their rights and directly going after our kids. Not just socially, but also from a religious standpoint.”

The Republican notes that schools have been “Forcing religious belief systems that don’t represent our values” and that teachers have been engaged in “indoctrinating” children in schools.

“It’s time for the Latino people to rise up and help us bring our California back,” Gallucci continued, after pledging that, if he wins, his administration will have 40% Latino representation. “”California is being taken from us and turned into a socialist, communist country, and no one understands more than the Latino people that have left that, what that means,” he added.

A coalition against socialists and radicals

The conservative candidate prides himself on having worked all his life to “bring people together” beyond their political positions and believes that a biased Democratic Party has forgotten those who do not support radical measures.

“We need to build a kind of coalition that gets the politicians’ attention,” Gallucci said. “Right now, we’re irrelevant to them: Hispanics are irrelevant, conservatives are irrelevant and, frankly, even some independents are irrelevant.”

He also considers it paramount to make sure that “California values” and citizens’ votes are protected. “I’m going to build a communication network again so that we can communicate to all 39 million Californians,” Gallucci said, vowing to avoid censorship by Big Tech.

In that way, he intends to get Californian voters to “bring radical politicians to the table” and “remind them who they work for.”

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