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Latinos in Florida Disapproved Joe Biden’s plans

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Despite all the efforts made by the Democratic campaign to discredit President Donald Trump against Latinos, it was the Hispanic vote in Florida that mostly leaned in favor of the president; clear evidence that Joe Biden’s promises were condemned by those who have been most affected by the issues of migration and foreign policy.

That Trump has won among Latinos in that state would demonstrate that his immigration and foreign relations policies were largely approved by Hispanics, and on the contrary, would not have permeated among them the alleged “xenophobia” of the president.

Four years ago, when Trump fought the Presidency with Hillary Clinton, he garnered 36% of Latino votes in Florida while Clinton had 63%.

This time the president more than improved his 2016 results. The Republican beat Biden by over 350.000 votes and obtained 51.3% of popular support in the state of the sun; meanwhile Biden obtained 47.9% of the votes.

Trump’s popularity was on the rise among the Hispanic community, especially among the Cuban-American who supported Trump’s policies of reversing the normalization of relations with the Cuban regime.

In his campaign Trump pointed to Democrats as part of the radical left with a socialist agenda, a speech that has permeated communities with stories of exile from countries with socialist or communist governments. On the same day of the elections, hundreds of Cuban-Americans launched to celebrate Trump’s victory in Florida with posters of “No to communism, no to socialism, yes to capitalism.

And it was not only about migration or foreign relations policies, the Latino vote proved to be in favor of the economic achievements of the Trump government. Only in June there was an increase of 1.5 million jobs within the Latino community in the country.

Latinos in Florida failed Joe Biden’s plans (Twitter)
Biden Disapproved by Latinos: Will Dismantle Trump’s Foreign Policy

Despite the fact that most Latinos do not approve of Biden’s promises, during the campaign it was learned that upon reaching the Presidency, the Democrat will normalize relations with Cuba and negotiate with the Nicolás Maduro regime.

An article published by The New York Times noted that Biden and his team of advisers will seek to resurrect Obama-era initiatives.

Regarding Cuba, the advisers assured the US newspaper that Biden would seek to normalize relations with the Raúl Castro regime.

Biden’s advisers said they would seek common ground with Cuba and reverse some of the travel and remittance restrictions, “says NYT.

Faced with Venezuela, his position is more discouraging for the opposition led by interim President Juan Guaidó, since it is possible that Biden fully disrupts the strategy designed by the White House of ignorance of Nicolás Maduro as head of state and would consequently seek to negotiate.

Biden’s advisers conveyed little faith in continuing to treat Guaidó, who unsuccessfully attempted to persuade the armed forces to break ranks with Maduro, as the country’s de facto leader. A senior adviser said the White House would seek to enter into negotiations with Maduro and would pressure him to commit to making fair elections, “the New York Times reads.

That Biden dismantle Trump’s policies would mean dialogues with authoritarian regimes such as those of Nicaragua, Cuba or Venezuela, opening the doors to fictitious negotiations that under no circumstances would end the tyrannies that seek to perpetuate themselves in power.

The Biden White House will opt more for “persuasion instead of imposition”, seeking to put aside the bully policy that Trump has adopted against Latin American regimes.

Obama’s passivity returns

It must be remembered that Barack Obama and his State Department intentionally sought to favor the Nicolás Maduro regime; This was stated by Roger Noriega, former undersecretary for Hemispheric Affairs.

Noriega assured that the work team of the former US president blocked sanctions against Chavista leaders involved in drug trafficking and promoted dialogue between the regime and the opposition.

These statements coincide with what was published in the British newspaper The Guardian, where President Obama’s main security adviser on Latin America, Mark Feierstein, stated that several US agencies had attempted to apply sanctions against drug trafficker Tareck El Aissami and that they were “contained” in 2016 at the insistence of the Obama State Department for fear that they would interfere with dialogue efforts between tyranny and the opposition.

Everything seems to indicate then that a Biden government will seek the normalization of Venezuela relations and not the fall of tyranny, to the point that the TPS promised, a mechanism that will allow the stay of Venezuelan migrants in the United States who flee from the tyranny of Maduro.

Many wonder: If Biden offers the TPS, is it because he made no effort to bring down Maduro? It remains to wait for the new president to demonstrate what his true plan is.

Sabrina Martín Rondon is a Venezuelan journalist. Her source is politics and economics. She is a specialist in corporate communications and is committed to the task of dismantling the supposed benefits of socialism // Sabrina Martín Rondon es periodista venezolana. Su fuente es la política y economía. Es especialista en comunicaciones corporativas y se ha comprometido con la tarea de desmontar las supuestas bondades del socialismo

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