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Hispanics Invited to Join Miami Caravan in Support of 15N in Cuba

Invitan a todos los latinos a sumarse a la caravana de Miami en apoyo al 15N en Cuba

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The Assembly of Cuban Resistance (ARC), which brings together more than 35 associations fighting for democracy on the island, encouraged Latinos in Miami, and especially Venezuelans and Nicaraguans, to join next Sunday a Miami caravan in support of the Civic March for Change in Cuba.

The call for the participation of Venezuelans and Nicaraguans is because they are citizens of “two countries governed by dictatorships, as has been the case in Cuba for 61 years,” the organization said in a statement released Tuesday.

Thousands of vehicles are expected to participate in the Miami caravan on the eve of the march called in Cuba by the Archipelago group, which was denied permission to demonstrate by Cuban authorities.

“This is not a caravan only for Cubans, people of other nationalities are also invited and have confirmed their attendance, such as Nicaraguans and Venezuelans who are part of this struggle,” said Orlando Gutiérrez-Boronat, coordinator of the ARC.

At the end of the parade of vehicles, next to the so-called Freedom Tower in Miami, participants will be able to join the flotilla and human chain of solidarity organized by the Democracy Movement, chaired by Ramón Saúl Sánchez.

In October 2020, the ARC led the so-called “mother of the anti-communist caravans in Miami”, in which, according to its calculations, around 30,000 vehicles and at least 120,000 people participated.

The Civic March of November 15 is a continuation of the protests that broke out in numerous Cuban cities to demand a democratic change, which were harshly repressed by the dictatorship of Miguel Díaz-Canel.

This Monday the U.S. Government warned Cuba that it is prepared to continue with sanctions “if repression and human rights abuses do not cease”.

State Department spokesman Ned Price noted that “the Cuban people have made it clear that they will once again march peacefully in the streets to highlight their aspirations for democracy, human rights and civil liberties.”

“We have imposed tangible and significant consequences in connection with the abuses committed (at last July’s protests in Cuba) and are prepared to continue to do so if repression and human rights abuses do not cease,” he said.

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