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Laura Ingraham Responds to Saturday Night Live

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Fox News anchor Laura Ingraham challenged Saturday Night Live after they did a skit about her news reporting. Ingraham responded to the sketch by imitating comedian Kate McKinnon’s performance.

The actress poked fun at the TV and Fox News anchor with an impersonation that opened SNL’s Jan. 22 broadcast. Ingraham’s conservative talk show, known as The Ingraham Angle, is news and opinion-based interview show.

Laura Ingraham challenges Saturday Night Live

Laura Ingraham’s response

During Monday’s The Ingraham Angle, the host showed the SNL video and then performed her own imitation of the Kate McKinnon skit.

“The reason I like Kate McKinnon is that I respect her so much as a talent, she is so unbiased in her political commentary,” Ingraham said.

She added, “But seriously, think of all the low-hanging fruit provided by Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi … the Squad on a near-daily basis.”

Ingraham claimed to be able to impersonate Nancy Pelosi, so she challenged the production to invite her to Saturday Night Live to play such a role, and assured that, despite belonging to the Screen Actors Gild (SAG), she would do it totally for free.

“Saturday Night Live could be funny, and it isn’t. They just don’t have any sense of self-awareness that there’s another side of the political aisle where the real comedy is going on right now, and that’s tragic,” she finished.

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