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New York: A Tale of Lawlessness and Democratic Corruption

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It seems that New York, and its Democratic politicians, can’t get a break from corruption scandals, lawlessness, and overall chaos. In little over 3 months, NYC Mayor Eric Adams has overseen a rapid rise in violent crime across the streets of the city. This crime wave was fueled, of course, by former Mayor Bill de Bozo—a clown whose mayorship drowned NYC in radial socialism and woke law enforcement policies.

NY Gov. Kathy Hochul, who succeeded disgraced and scandal-ridden Andrew Cuomo, oversaw the selection of her Lt. Gov., Benjamin Adams, who was arrested and indicted on election fraud and quid-pro-quo charges. Adams has since resigned in disgrace, but without leaving a dark mark in an already corrupt-filed state that has been hijacked by the DNC and its shameful operatives.

We are now seeing Latino groups calling for the appointment of a Hispanic candidate. But how about someone who is not inept or corrupted?

This article originally appeared in El American’s newsletter on April 15, 2022. Subscribe for free here!