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Leader of Spain’s ‘Partido Popular’ to Resign Amid Spying Scandal

The president of the Partido Popular is discussing the decision with his inner circle

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Spanish newspaper ABC reported on Tuesday morning that Pablo Casado, president of the center-right Partido Popular, is preparing his departure from the political organization. The media detailed that Casado is discussing the decision with his closest circle.

“This is the reason why the National Board of Directors’ formal summons announced for Tuesday is being delayed,” the Spanish newspaper reported.

It added: “The cascade of resignations that are being registered in the last hours, as well as the increase of party officials who are demanding his resignation and the call for an extraordinary congress have managed to bend Casado’s spirit, who until yesterday was convinced that not only he should not take a step back, but that time would prove him right.”

The crisis in Pablo Casado’s party

An articcle by Ignacio M. Medina, published in El American, explains that “the crisis has been triggered by the so-called “Ayusogate”, an alleged corruption scandal involving Isabel Díaz Ayuso, of which she has been accused by the PP National Directorate itself, probably with the intention of deactivating her meteoric rise within the ranks of the party.

Medina refers to an investigation published on February 16 by the newspaper El Confidencial. The report revealed that high-ranking officials of the Partido Popular from Pablo Casado’s entourage had contacted private detective agencies to investigate Isabel Díaz Ayuso, her collaborators and her family. 

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“It is difficult to venture the consequences of the political earthquake that is taking place in Spain, but it seems clear that the next few days will be crucial for the process of restructuring and reorganizing the right wing in Spain,” Medina pointed out in the article.

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