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The Left Confesses Its Election Sins

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Donald J Trump fell way short. The hypothesis that he and his supporters laid out about how the left and its cohorts were conspiring to juggle the 2020 presidential election was off the mark. They severely underestimated the diligence of the conspirators and the depth of their plot.

Molly Ball, in about 6,500 words in her Time essay, falsified the left’s premise that the talk of “rigging” the election was just a conspiracy theory. The left’s plot to “influence perceptions, change rules and laws, steer media coverage and control the flow of information” proved to be a formidable collusion feat carried out by elites to elect a candidate of their choosing.

The magazine’s national political correspondent and biographer of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was clear when she wrote, “There was a conspiracy unfolding behind the scenes…”. Ball called it a “well-funded cabal of powerful people” involving over “150” left-wing organizations, as well as big business, labor, and the technology oligarchy. Its “work”, the Times piece relates, “touched every aspect of the election”.

This is indeed a veracious description of what took place. Had there been actual court hearings on the “allegations” which the Trump camp established, Ball would have made an excellent witness for the Trumpian Republicans, along with the Time essay as convincing evidence that the 2020 election was not fair, and in its unfairness, was construed into a not free or partly free (at best) electoral process. 

The sins against America’s democracy, which Ball’s work clearly establish, leaves unmasked the most audacious abuse of the nation’s institutions which bt maneuvering through legal fissures allowed a host of occurrences that, even if lawful, were flagrantly immoral, corrupting a presidential election. There were two phases of the plot to deny Trump the reelection.

The left and its ruses

First, there was the pre-election facet. This part was pivotal. Without it, the relaxation-laden mail voting scheme required, could not have materialized. This task involved changing the electoral laws and the systems they generated. Of course, it could not be accomplished by the exclusive constitutionally designated agents, the state legislators, as most of the key battleground states were in Republican control. It had to be done, mainly, by way of executive fiat with Democratic governors and state secretaries, as well as through lawsuits in state courts. 

The pre-election part of the left’s conspiracy to influence the outcome of the presidential race had another component. It needed a lot of money to underwrite this draconian task. Since campaign finance laws establish limits to donations, cleavages were sought to get the capital to the anticipated mail-in voting explosion. The way this was resolved by the cabal, was by having carefully targeted state and local governments, along with local election boards, receive private money. 

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg’s Center for Technology and Civic Life and the Center for Election Innovation and Research funneled a total of $419 million for this purpose. Other organizations like The Democracy Fund, New Venture Fund, Skoll Foundation, and Knight Foundation, also chipped in. This kind of circumvention of federal campaign laws was able to be accomplished, given the cover they received to accommodate the mass mail-in voting expected. The unaddressed problem was that the main beneficiaries of these funds were Democratic strongholds in swing states.    

The result of this first phase of the conspiracy that Time lays out was, according to the essay, revealed that almost 50% of the electorate voted by mail, 25% voted early and 25% voted in person on election day. The widespread anomalies in key states evidenced in the 2020 election, lend support to the premise that the effort to “influence perceptions, change rules and laws, steer media coverage and control the flow of information”, that the Times writer so ably documented, support the claim made all along by Trump.

The second phase of the left’s conspiracy was immediately after the 2020 election and consisted of numerous fronts and strategies. Chiefly among them, were the suppression of both information and free speech. These tactics were followed by an aggressive mass mobilization maneuver by leftist organizations which sought to influence public and election authorities in key battleground states. These groups, with the genuflecting cooperation of the establishment media, bastardized racial issues and designed a compelling disinformation narrative to link the Black Lives Matter (BLM) and Antifa riots, with social qualms for voter expression that favored the Democratic candidate.

“The pre-election part of the left’s conspiracy to influence the outcome of the presidential race had another component. It needed a lot of money to underwrite this draconian task”.

Mark Zuckerberg, the Time essay informs us, invited a top corps of the conspirators to his house for dinner in post-election November. Vanita Gupta, President and CEO of the Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights, as well as the Biden Administration’s Associate Attorney General designate, led the charge to enlist Facebook’s founder to apply “rigorous rules and enforcement” of any information content or speech that questioned the election’s integrity, despite the visible anomalies that were unquestionably present, given the abrupt launching of a basic liberalized universal mail-in voting process, which witnessed unprecedented popular participation as well as a high level of irregularities and empirically-based statistical challenges. Jack Dorsey of Twitter received a similar recruitment effort by the leftist cabal. At the same time, the leftist conspiracy got Big Tech to amplify their censorship and control the news. 

The “handshake” and the ensuing post-election joint statement, referred to in Ball’s article, between the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and AFL-CIO, seems to suggest that the “implicit bargain” reached between business and labor was a compromise struck in the belief that the Marxist summer uprising would quiet down with a Biden victory.

In other words, both capital and the unions appear to associate these Communist terror groups with a level of coalescence with the Democratic Party. Additionally, the blueprint was followed by bullying pivotal state election officials to certify the electoral votes, and echo the BLM victimology stratagem.“It was an election so calamitous that no result could be discerned at all”, so claimed Time. Yes, the election certainly was a “calamity” and difficult to “discern” clear results, given the peculiarities of the “changed” electoral laws and the newly tried universal mail-in process. Thus, it was a power grab that this left-wing conspiracy, well documented by Time, sought to undertake, to impact election results.

The executioners of this horrifically organized and plotted aberration of America’s democracy, are now in phase three: criminalizing the opposition. Stay tuned for the next Time article, another confession without remorse. 

Julio M Shiling, political scientist, writer, director of Patria de Martí and The Cuban American Voice, lecturer and media commentator. A native of Cuba, he currently lives in the United States. Twitter: @JulioMShiling // Julio es politólogo, escritor, director de Patria de Martí y The Cuban American Voice. Conferenciante y comentarista en los medios. Natural de Cuba, vive actualmente en EE UU.

3 thoughts on “The Left Confesses Its Election Sins”

  1. One of the dumbest articles I’ve ever read. Sounds like something North Korea would hire some goon to write. Completely transparent, to ANYONE besides any freakish sorts still left in society that ever supported Trump.
    Those sorts, would take your word when you say “conspiracy”, even though nothing weird at all remotely happened, besides actual patriots making sure of voter-awareness and ensuring democracy was kept intact, after correctly guessing Trump would move to sabotage our election processes.
    All you need to tell these turds is that media censorship happened, and they don’t even demand you provide a single instance of proof. All you need to suggest to these turds is “irregularities” happened with a vote, and while not providing a shred of backing data, they suck it up like shit through a straw. Pathetic as it gets and the author can hereby resign his full manhood based on this ignorant article alone, much less any others he’s written.

    1. Actually it’s very factual, and the Times article amounts to a signed confession, though of course they fixed the election to be sure it was “saved” meaning, your candidate won. You don’t have to be a Trump supporter to know something went really freely wrong this November. So the only freak is you, and the turd is firmly ensconced between your ears.

  2. Statement of the obvious, but helping to get the truth out none the less. However, personally, I am tired of hearing what happened, especially since nothing seems to be happening against it. I want someone to stand up, organize a plan, and give us the chance to protect freedom in America and the rest of the world. This person is not me, but I can gather signatures and some other things to help. Continued prayers, of course, for President Trump and our military in his support.

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