Left-wing Washington Post Unexpectedly Praises Spain’s Conservative Leader Isabel Díaz Ayuso

Henry Olsen, a columnist for the newspaper, argued in an op-ed that the Madrid president can remake Spain and perhaps inspire the world

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The Washington Post praised Isabel Díaz Ayuso, the right-wing president of the Community of Madrid in an opinion article titled: “Conservatives looking for a hero should turn to Spain’s upcoming star.”

“Her victory stemmed from her novel approach to controlling the pandemic. Ayuso had a strong desire to maintain a balance between liberty and safety, which led her to innovate to minimize lockdowns and business closures” the article asserts.

Díaz Ayuso to remake Spain

The article, signed by Henry Olsen, highlighted that Díaz won the support of workers and the lower class in Madrid. In addition, he said that this electoral success was due to the fact that his project is based on freedom.

The journalist commented that when talking to her, she made it clear to him that her reference in the United States is Ronald Reagan.

Olsen said that the Madrid president can remake Spain and perhaps inspire the world.

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