"La ambición de la izquierda es deconstruir a Estados Unidos": senador Josh Hawley

Sen. Josh Hawley: ‘The Left’s Ambition is to Deconstruct America’

Hawley warned that leftist groups “want to define traditional masculinity as toxic” and sow the idea that America is a “racist and oppressive country.”

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Missouri Republican Senator Josh Hawley said the ambition of the left is to deconstruct America.

Hawley said Monday, Nov. 1, at the National Conservatism Conference that the left seeks to blur the role of American men.

“I want to talk with you about the Left’s attempt to give us a world beyond men (…) that the deconstruction of America begins with and depends on the deconstruction of American men,” he said.

Hawley warned that leftist groups “want to define traditional masculinity as toxic” and with that intention also sow the idea that America is a “systematically racist and oppressive country.”

“The attack on men has been the tip of the spear of the Left’s broader attack on America (…) they are writing this same men-are-the-problem mantra into policy,” he added.

The Missouri senator charged that President Joe Biden has joined the complaint that the United States has a “racist system.”

“Joe Biden has, as president, repeatedly referred to America’s “systemic racism. (…) We can start by repudiating the lie that America is a systemically oppressive nation and that men are systemically responsible,” he said.

Hawley not only spoke of the important role of men in building the country, but also extolled the role of women in society; he said the left has launched its own assault on what femininity is.

“American women have shaped our culture every bit as much as men (…) the Left is carrying out its own assault on womanhood,” he said. “We must make the family the center of political life,” he added.

The senator noted that “it’s hard to argue that our democracy is in better shape now than it was thirty or forty years ago”; however he added that “America is yet that city on the hill.”

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