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‘Let’s Go Brandon’ Song Displaces Adele at #1 on iTunes After Being Blocked on Youtube

Let's Go Brandon, El American

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A controversial song titled ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ dethroned superstar Adele’s new hit single, by hitting #1 on the iTunes charts in the United States after YouTube banned it citing “misinformation” regarding the Covid-19 pandemic.

iTunes Top 80 in the United States (iTunes)

The track was released last week by rapper Bryson Gray, known for his conservative stances and support for former President Donald Trump, and reached the top of the iTunes charts on Sunday.

The rapper spoke with celebrity Republican radio host Glenn Beck on Tuesday and said he didn’t think the song would have reached #1 had it not been for the YouTube ban and the fact that conservatives have lost their freedom of speech.

“If you want to be honest in this country, I know we like to say we’re all free, but in reality in the public space only one side has free speech,” Gray told Beck.

“They can say whatever they want about Jesus and get away with it, they can literally do whatever they want. Meanwhile, we can’t even question, make a joke, then we’re banned on platforms if we do that.”

Last Thursday, the rapper denounced on Twitter that Youtube had removed the video of his song Let’s Go Brandon alleging “medical misinformation”, and also the platform banned him from using his account for a week as punishment.

“What medical misinformation is in the song? Whoa!” expressed Gray.

The phrase “Let’s Go Brandon” became an Internet phenomenon following NBC’s coverage of a NASCAR race in Alabama on October 2. An NBC reporter was interviewing driver Brandon Brown for his win that day while in the background the audience could be heard chanting “F*ck Joe Biden!”, a chant that has become popular at sporting events.

When the reporter noticed the crowd chant seeping into the audio of her interview, she told the interviewee (and viewers) that the crowd was cheering him on with the phrase “Let’s Go, Brandon!”.

The phrase quickly went viral on social media and dozens of memes were born on its behalf that day. Meanwhile, it was clear that NBC was trying to cover up criticism against President Biden.

The controversy proved inspiring for Gray, who quickly composed the song and recorded a music video.

The lyrics of ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ denounce media lies, censorship, CNN’s “slander” and question President Biden’s mental stability.

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