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Video Games Company Limited Run Games Fires Worker for Following Libs of Tik Tok on Social Media

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Limited Run Games, a company that distributes video games in physical format, has fired its community manager after being singled out for following accounts such as Libs of Tik Tok and Ben Shapiro on Twitter.

Kara Lynne, social media manager for Limited Run Games, said on December 28 on her personal Twitter account that she was looking forward to the arrival of the new Harry Potter video game. As Harry Potter writer J.K. Rowling has been accused of transphobia for not adhering to the tenets of gender ideology, this innocent comment by Kara Lynne caught the attention of a transgender activist.

limited run games kara lynne
Screenshot of the tweet triggering the dismissal.

Apparently, this transgendered person alerted user Purple Tinker, also transgender, who filed a complaint with the company, accusing its community manager of transphobia and of failing to contribute to creating a safe space for their community.

To document his complaint, he dug through tweets from the employee’s personal account and found a post from 7 years ago in which she showed her discomfort as a woman about having to share bathrooms with biological men who now claimed to be women. Aside from this, he accused the worker of being a Twitter follower of accounts such as Libs of Tik Tok and Ben Shapiro.

These allegations were enough for Limited Run Games to fire Kara Lynne. According to a statement on Twitter, Limited Run Games said they “respects all personal opinions, however we remain committed to supporting an inclusive culture. Upon investigating a situation, an employee was terminated. Our goal as a company is to continue to foster a positive and safe environment for everyone.”

It does not seem like a very positive and safe working environment for everyone where you can be fired outright for the accounts you follow on your personal Twitter. Since the statement, which has limited responses, Limited Run Games has not commented on the controversy.

Those who have done so have been the husband of the fired worker and the transgender user who reported her. Jeremy S. Gooch, the husband of the affected woman, posted a tweet saying that “a faithful and hardworking employee to satisfy a few woke people.”

limited run games gooch
Tweet from the husband of the affected woman.

For his part, the complaining user, Purple Tinker, has posted many, many tweets and even a statement since then, justifying the accusation that led to the dismissal and complaining about the protests against him by appealing to his transgender and autistic status.

Limited Run Games and the culture of cancellation in videogames

In recent years, the video game industry has been invaded by left-wing activists who have turned their attention to one of the public’s favorite forms of entertainment.

In a coordinated manner, many woke activists have fabricated various scandals and boycott campaigns to intimidate companies and impose a kind of dictatorship of thought.

One of the most recent cases is that of the video game The Last Night, which has been on the verge of being canceled due to a harassment campaign against its creator for comments critical of feminism.

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