LA School Turns Away ‘Unvaccinated’ Officers, Who Were Responding to School Threat

Policemen were told they couldn’t be on school premises, for failing to provide vaccination proof. The officers were there as a security measure after a “shooting” threat was made against Watts Middle School.

A source has told El American that on or around 3 pm PST, Wednesday, December 8, local law enforcement officers were notified of a potential school shooting threat made against Watts Middle School in Los Angeles, CA. Since the threat was made after school hours, there was no immediate danger to school students, but an investigation was underway immediately as to the credibility of the threat. From what we understand, that investigation is ongoing with the school mentioned.

It was decided that a police presence was needed at the school campus, to ensure school staff and student safety against this potential threat. Police showed up early on Thursday, December 9 and met with the school admin. It is unsure what the specific events were around the exact moment, when the school director, Angelique Sims, then asked the police officers if they had their proof of vaccination status, citing school mandate/policy. The police responded that they did not have proof of vaccination, and were then instructed by school Director Sims, that as per school policy, they could not be allowed on campus, if they were unvaccinated. The police then left the school campus.

We at El American have contacted Watts Middle School for comment, both via phone and email. There has been no reply regarding the alleged incident.

The school staff and students were now left defenseless and vulnerable to any potential attack. It is also unsure if local police have concluded their investigation into the threat made against the school. We also contacted the Principal at the connected school, Dymally High School, and were given no comment to any “rumor”, and redirected to LAUSD admin.

This is a developing story.

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  1. LA School Turns Away ‘Unvaccinated’ Officers, Who Were Responding to School Threat
    Just how stupid can some people be?
    Well, apparently this school would rather have an active shooter on their campus that unvaccinated police officers.
    This school would rather have the children get shot and killed rather than maybe get the chinese virus
    I say again just how stupid can some people be?

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