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Is This Cuba or Venezuela? U.S. Shortage of Baby Formula Reaches Over 30%

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The baby formula shortage is on the rise and worrying American parents. A Datasembly study revealed that the shortage of this product reached 31 % in April 2022.

Although at the beginning of the year the food supply remained stable, Datasembly’s analysis shows that in late January 2022 supply failures began to be noticed. Shortages of baby formula reached 23% in that month.

Regarding the situation, the founder and CEO of Datasembly, Ben Reich, explained that this is one of the most affected products in the supply chain and warned that the shortage could worsen in the coming days.

Reactions to the baby formula shortage

On Monday, images of completely empty baby formula shelves were shown, which has generated concern among citizens. In Florida stores, the purchase of the product has been rationed.

Rep. Carlos Gimenez (R-FL) compared the crisis to what happened in Cuba and Venezuela, countries that have experienced a complex humanitarian crisis due to socialist policies driven by the regimes that govern them.

“You’d think this is in Cuba or Venezuela, not a Walgreens in South Florida. That’s Biden’s America — broken supply chains, rationing of baby formula, and rampant inflation,” the congressman wrote on Twitter.

A similar message came from Senator Tom Cotton (R-AR), who called on the federal government to take measures to prevent the crisis from deepening. “The FDA needs to immediately step up, be transparent, explain how it will get production restarted, and give parents a timeline,” Cotton said.

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