López Obrador defiende la dictadura cubana y pide habilitar vias de financiamiento para el régimen

AMLO Defends Cuban Regime and Calls for Additional Financing Channels

The Mexican president did not condemn the repression and disappearances of citizens by the Cuban regime

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Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador defended the Cuban regime on Monday by asking his counterpart Joe Biden to enable financing channels for Castroism.

“I think President (Joe) Biden should make a decision on this regard. It is a respectful call, from no meddling point of view, but we have to separate the political from the humanitarian, life is the most important thing, it is the main thing of human rights,” said the Mexican president in his usual morning conference.

López Obrador asked Biden to enable the sending of remittances to Cuba, even though the sending of remittances is limited by the Castro regime, since citizens only received 26 % of the money sent by their relatives from abroad, the remaining 74 % was confiscated by the dictatorship to sustain its authoritarian regime.

According to a study by The Havana Consulting Group, the Cuban dictatorship steals 74.3 % of every dollar that arrives in remittances to the country from abroad, a business that has contributed $46.8 billion to the national economy since 1993.

“Many things could be done, I only suggest one, with all due respect for all nations, that Cuban families be allowed to receive remittances from those who live and work in the United States or in any other country in the world,” he said.

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The Mexican president did not condemn the repression and disappearances of citizens by the Cuban regime, nor did he ask Castroism to commit not to steal any more of the 70 % of remittances sent from abroad.

López Obrador took the opportunity to say that his government made the decision out of “solidarity”, in view of the situation in Cuba, to help and show solidarity.

He recalled that he will send two Mexican Navy vessels to Cuba with oxygen, medicines and food.

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