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AMLO Says He Will Resign If He Loses Recall Election

López Obrador dice que renunciará si pierde consulta revocatoria

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Mexico’s president, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, promised this Friday that he will resign from office if Mexicans vote next year in a referendum in favor of recalling him, regardless of whether the minimum 40% turnout is reached for the consultation to be binding.

“If the people say ‘we don’t want the president to continue, I will leave, without any problem. What’s more, even if 40% (of participation) is not reached,” López Obrador revealed in his morning press conference at the National Palace.

The President said that “it is not possible to govern a country like Mexico without moral authority”, therefore, if the majority votes for him to leave, he will leave the Presidency regardless of the turnout.

The Congress approved a law proposed by López Obrador himself to allow a citizen consultation to be called to dismiss the president of the country in the middle of his term.

An association close to the ruling National Regeneration Movement (Morena) has already begun to collect the more than two million signatures necessary to hold this consultation next year.

However, the opposition coalition “Va por México” presented on Thursday an appeal of unconstitutionality against the law, considering that the president, who has a citizen approval of 60%, seeks to promote himself with this exercise.

Last August 1st, Mexico held the first nationwide citizen referendum, in which the ‘Yes’ to prosecute the country’s former presidents won, but only 7% of the census participated, far from the 40% threshold for it to be binding.

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