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500 School Employees Fired for Not Getting Vaccinated in LA

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The Los Angeles School District fired 496 employees who refused to receive the COVID-19 vaccine. This is part of the mandatory vaccination mandate pushed from the White House.

“The school board voted 7-0 in separate motions to terminate the workers, of whom most, if not all, presumably had been on leave since mid-October,” reported the Daily News.

According to the newspaper, after the deadline for workers to receive the first dose of the vaccine in October, the district claimed that 97% of its employees had already been inoculated. The organization has approximately 73,000 people.

Los Angeles School District employees

The media detailed that after the decision, there were employees who asked the board to reconsider the measure. This is the case of Tracey Schroeder, who argued that there is natural immunity to the disease and that this type of measure—which she considers extreme—should not be taken.

“I’ve got 24 years and I just want to be back on my school site with the students that I love, with the staff that I love, with the school that hired me,” she said.

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