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Lucio Case in Argentina: One of the Murderers Demands Male Hormone Therapy in Prison

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Last week Magdalena Esposito Valenti and her girlfriend Abigail Paez were sentenced to life imprisonment for the crime of Lucio Dupuy, the 5-year-old son of Esposito, in Argentina.

The Argentinean justice system stated that it considers it proven that the women beat the child with cruelty and malice aforethought until he was killed. The mother’s girlfriend, Abigail Páez, was also found guilty of sexual abuse.

The case became public after the murder of the minor on November 26, 2021. However, media reports detail that the beatings began much earlier without any action by the authorities.

According to the autopsy, the child had received several beatings and died from internal bleeding. The investigation revealed that the child had marks Abigaíl Páez’s shoes on his body. “Abigail Paez stepped on him with such force on his little back that probably burst his heart along with different organs,” revealed the doctors who spoke at the trial.

“Between December 2020 and March 2021, the boy was taken to the emergency room five times in different medical centers for a broken wrist, trauma to his fingers, and a cut on his chin. His fragile body did not withstand the final beatings. He died from internal hemorrhaging and polytrauma caused by the blows, including a skull fracture and two broken ribs. The autopsy also revealed burn marks, bites, and signs of abuse,” reported El País.

Mistreatment of Lucio Dupuy

Infobae showed some WhatsApp conversations, which contributed to the trial, between the culprits. “Don’t let it get out of hand, we’re going to fuck up,” is one of the messages sent by Lucio’s mother to his girlfriend days before the murder.

“I’m tired of it. I have to be with this asshole all day long,” was a common response from Abigaíl Páez, Infobae explained.

More than one hundred witnesses participated in the trial and told how the child was mistreated. A neighbor told that she informed the police about the situation several times. The parents of Lucio’s friends indicated that he ate a lot when he visited their homes, which for them was a demonstration that the child was hungry.

“This sentence did not bring Lucio back to me,” were the first words of Ramón Dupuy, the boy’s grandfather, after learning of the conviction, and he said that he has no reason to celebrate at this time.

Despite the shocking nature of the case and the cruel details that have become known, the culprits of Lucio’s murder have not ceased to be in the news. This weekend, Infobae reported that Abigail Páez, the partner of the boy’s mother, demanded that she be given male hormone therapy in prison.

“It is one of the first things she asked when she entered the unit. It is not something usual, but there are already several prisoners who asked for the same thing,” sources from the San Luis Penitentiary Service told the media.

“As for the amount and who pays for this treatment, the Penitentiary Service prefers not to specify. Although they hinted that part of it will be paid by the State. That is, the taxpayers,” reported Infobae.

He added that “she will be given testosterone injections to increase the level of so-called male hormones in the body, stop menstrual cycles and decrease the ability of the ovaries to produce estrogen, which could affect her fertility. Then, if she wishes, she can undergo sex change surgery.”

Finally, it was learned that despite the conviction and the evidence, the defense will appeal the decision of judges Alejandra Ongaro, Andrés Olié, and Daniel Sáez. They say that sexual abuse was not proven and “they will insist on the premise that the ferocity to which the minor was subjected was not intended to murder him. With their claim, if the instances are exhausted, they could go all the way to the Supreme Court”, according to the Argentinean media.

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