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Lula, Castro and Chávez: Organized Crime Bosses in Politics

Lula, Castro y Chávez: jefes del crimen organizado en la política, EFE

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The expansion of Cuba’s dictatorship in the Americas, with its system of institutionalized violation of human rights, State terrorism, prisoners, torture, exile and narco-states, has in Fidel Castro, Lula da Silva and Hugo Chavez its three structuring leaders. They are the creators of 21st century socialism or castrochavismo, the system of transnational organized crime that holds politics and today subjugates the peoples of Cuba, Venezuela, Bolivia and Nicaragua and attacks the entire region.

In his letter of July 9, 2020 addressed to the Sao Paulo Forum on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of its founding, Lula says: “In a talk I had with Fidel at that time, we agreed that it would be important to analyze this new situation and its impact on Latin America and the Caribbean and we decided that the PT could convene a meeting of parties and movements… we did not initially imagine that this meeting would reach where it has reached… in addition to its contribution to promote changes in government and policies in the continent since 1998″.

Lula’s mention of 1998 refers to the election of Hugo Chávez as President of Venezuela which they consider “the first government of a member party of the Sao Paulo Forum after Cuba”. And the mention of “government and policy changes” to the permanent conspiracy with the Forum as an instrument against democracy. Lula and Castro created the Sao Paulo Forum after the fall of the Berlin Wall “with the objective of combating the consequences of neoliberalism in Latin American countries”.

With parties of positions “from center left to the extreme left”, the Sao Paulo Forum was integrated with guerrilla groups, terrorists, and drug traffickers such as the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) and the Castro guerrilla system, which were disguised as “political groups.” It is the strategy of presenting as political the crimes (drug trafficking, assassinations, terrorism, rapes, kidnappings, conspiracies…) mentioning the words “democracy and politics” in each of their criminal actions, presenting as ideologies “anti-imperialism, Bolivarianism, anti-neoliberalism, Latin Americanism, communism…”

As president since 2003, Lula was the third member of the Sao Paulo Forum to reach power and thus installed the tripod of the expansion of the Forum as an operational instrument with the leadership of Cuba, and the economic power of Venezuela and Brazil.

Lula destroyed Brazil’s foreign policy institutionality to submit it to Cuba, and create and promote Castro-Chavismo. He was part of the control of the Organization of American States with the Insulza administration, which ignored and violated the Inter-American Democratic Charter and filled positions in the Inter-American Commission and the Inter-American Court of Human Rights with activists of recognized militancy.

With the open operation of Marco Aurelio Garcia, whom Lula appointed “Foreign Affairs Advisor to the President of Brazil” and who remained in office until Dilma Rousseff’s impeachment in 2016, Brazil was close to Cuba’s dictatorship and Venezuela, and was instrumental in the installation of the dictatorships of Morales in Bolivia, Correa in Ecuador, Ortega in Nicaragua and more.

Lula aided Cuba in its human trafficking operation with the hiring of Cuban doctors and personnel, whose salaries benefitted the dictatorship. These crimes are proven with ongoing trials. The dictatorships of Venezuela, Bolivia, Ecuador, and Nicaragua repeat these crimes, as do the governments of Fernandez/Kirchner in Argentina and Lopez Obrador in Mexico.

Lula is responsible for the largest international corruption in the history of the Americas, the “Lava Jato”. Crimes with money from Brazil for credits to countries for works with Brazilian companies, projects of Castro-Chavismo.

Crimes unpunished because the dictatorships of Cuba, Venezuela, Bolivia, and Nicaragua continue to cover up this corruption, as in the case of the construction of the Port of Mariel in Cuba for almost three times more than the price already agreed with another company, or the multiple works paid and never built in Venezuela and other countries.

Regarding the defense of the Amazon, Lula made his position very clear in Bolivia by promoting the construction of a highway to destroy the Tipnis National Park, an ecological reserve, to expand the cultivation of illegal coca crops, the base of the narco-state. Civil resistance triumphed, but the former executive of the Brazilian construction company OAS declared that “his company came to Bolivia under Lula’s management and with the promise of another contract”.

With Chávez and Castro dead, Lula is the surviving boss who continues attacking freedom and democracy from organized crime disguised as a democrat.

This article is part of an agreement between The American and the Interamerican Institute for Democracy.

Carlos Sánchez Berzain es abogado, politólogo, máster en ciencia política y sociología. Catedrático. Estadista perseguido y exiliado político. Director del Interamerican Institute for Democracy // Carlos Sánchez Berzain is a lawyer, political scientist, with a master's degree in political science and sociology. Professor. Persecuted statesman and political exile. Director of the Interamerican Institute for Democracy.

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