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Protester Eggs France’s Emmanuel Macron at Event in Lyon

Golpean a Macron con un huevo durante un acto en  Lyon

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French President Emmanuel Macron was hit by an egg while taking a mass bath during the International Restoration and Tourism Show in Lyon, by an individual who shouted “Long live the revolution.”

The egg, which did not break, hit the president in the shoulder, who was immediately protected by bodyguards, while at the same time asking to speak to the assailant.

“If he has something to tell me, let him come,” said Macron, who assured that he would come to see him later. The forces of order took away the man, a young man for now unidentified.

The head of state had so far had a rather placid visit to this hall, where the country’s restaurateurs thanked him for the aid during the worst months of the pandemic.

Macron announced that tips paid by credit card would be exempt from taxes, one of the demands of the sector’s workers.

Seven months before the presidential elections, he is multiplying his contacts with the public. In one of them, on June 8, he suffered an aggression.

He was in the town of Tain-L’Hermitage and was slapped by an individual, who was quickly sentenced to 4 months in prison.

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