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The Idiot of the Week: Emmanuel Macron

emmanuel macron idiota semana

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El American’s first Idiot of the Week award of the year goes to the President of the French Republic Emmanuel Macron for his threats to the unvaccinated.

In an interview for Le Parisien, Macron mentioned the following statement to the unvaccinated: “I really want to f*ck them. And so, we will continue to do so until the bitter end.”

El idiota de la semana: Emmanuel Macron

We do not know if by “bitter end” he means some kind of “final solution” as when France collaborated with the Germans 80 years ago. Or whether in fact, as an act of gallantry, he means that he does not mind meeting a bitter end himself, as happened to other Gallic leaders even longer ago, as long as he continues his strategy of mass vaccination.

What is clear is now with these statements is that Emmanuel Macron does not give a d*mn about the three French mottos: liberty, equality and fraternity.

A lot of freedom, but it is conditioned to safe conduct to be able to lead a normal life, which is issued to you by Macron if you show obedience. A lot of equality, but the 5 million unvaccinated French for Macron are “non-citizens.” And a lot of fraternity, but Macron seems to understand it in the style of Cain and Abel.

An emboldened Macron

In an act of daring unbecoming of a French president, Macron has dared to say aloud what many tyrants think and hide. Perhaps he believes that the vaccine makes him immune, or he knows he is unpunished and has a free pass. Although it seems rather that he has gone mad, like the rest of the world with everything related to the pandemic

Perhaps his bilirubin has gone to his head and he has lost it, or is about to lose it. In any case, we will have to be attentive to what new measures to “f*ck” his compatriots will come out of that little head of the Napoleonic Macron, because it seems that his iniquity towards the unvaccinated has no limits.

While waiting to know what the French people will reward Emmanuel Macron’s words with, for the time being we are awarding him the crown of El American’s Idiot of the Week, and if he wants to, he can put it on his own head.

Emmanuel Macron when he crosses a non-vaccinated person in the street. (EFE)

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