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Macron’s Apocalyptic Statement: ‘We Are Living the End of Abundance’

Macron's Apocalyptic Statement: "We are Living the End of Abundance."

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FRENCH PRESIDENT Emmanuel Macron on Wednesday opened the first Council of Ministers after the summer vacations on a grave note in the face of the economic, energy and social challenges facing the country, and warned that “the end of abundance” has arrived.

“I think we are witnessing a great upheaval, a radical change. Basically, what we are experiencing is the end of abundance, of liquidity without cost,” said Macron, breaking with his conventional optimism and the slogan of “whatever it takes” that he had raised during the pandemic, when the State came to the rescue of entrepreneurs and citizens at the cost of public spending.

For Macron, the scarcity of certain raw materials or water is on the table and measures will have to be taken.

“It is also the end of evidences. Democracy, human rights. If anyone thought it was the fate of the international order, the last few years have blown up some evidence,” he said in reference to the rise of authoritarian regimes.

The French leader considered that the war in Ukraine has brought to Europe “the end of carelessness”.

After the pandemic and the war in Ukraine, with the shadow of inflation hanging over the global economy and the risk of recession in Europe.

“Faced with such challenges,” said Macron, “we have no right to wait, to govern on the fly. We must protect our country with ambition, preserve what is necessary and protect those who will need it.”

At the end of the Council of Ministers, Olivier Véran, the spokesman of the Executive, detailed some of the topics discussed at the meeting where the watchword seems to be sobriety.

Questioned about the regulation of private flights, when a petition to ban them is circulating on social media and the government has admitted that it plans to limit them, Véran responded vaguely, but clarified that “everyone will have to make efforts.”

“More than efforts, I would say we should all pay attention,” he declared.

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