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Madison Cawthorn: GOP Must Be a ‘Party That Accepts Everbody’

Madison Cawthorn, el legislador más joven al servicio de los americanos

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Madison Cawthorn (R-NC) is the youngest lawmaker ever to enter the House of Representatives. At only 25 years old, this conservative congressman says his goal is to be of service to all Americans.

Cawthorn spoke with Anna Paulina Luna, chief correspondent of El American, about the changes in the Republican Party, the role of young people in American politics, and the importance of conservative ideas. For the representative, the Republican leadership must focus not only on a good economy but also on fighting the radical left.

Entrevista a Madison Cawthorn

The representative also said that the Republican Party aims to achieve “good GDP increases every year. That translates into a good economy, but that means fighting the radical left that is trying to take over every aspect of our lives,” Cawthorn said.

Likewise, he argued that a culture should be promoted in which no more barriers are generated: “We don’t want to raise children in a culture where they have to list the races and genders of their top five friends.”

He also referred to people with conservative ideas, pointing out that there anyone can believe in the ideas of freedom.

“I want our party to be the one that accepts everybody, no matter what your race, race, creed or color. As long as you believe in the ideas of capitalism, personal liberty, then you’re welcome in my party.”

Madison Cawthorn es el legislador más joven (Flickr)
Madison Cawthorn is the youngest congressman in the U.S. (Flickr)

On young people

Regarding young people, he also explained that it is not only about having conservative ideas. Also, he indicated, it is necessary to prepare and study in order to be able to debate the proposals they have. He assured that there are many conservative people with more experience and who want a place in Congress just like many young people. The difference would be how the ideas of both are debated and proposed.

“My biggest advice to the younger generation is that I would start becoming a master on the issue of listening to guys like Jordan Peterson (…) make sure that you’re consuming a lot of content that’s truly conservative in nature.”

When asked about his Rep. Cawthorn said he is convinced that for now he is focused on continuing to work in Congress for the well-being of Americans, “I want to serve in Congress for a long time. I want to make sure we get rid of the federal income tax or make sure that we get term limits on Congress and definitely want to make sure that we take the bureaucrats out of our governmental system and get rid of the administrative state that we’re all living under.”

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