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‘Madrid is Spanish Florida, Where Woke Ideology Will Never Have a Place’

"Madrid es el Florida español, donde la ideología woke nunca tendrá lugar": Presidente de Nuevas Generaciones del PP madrileño

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To promote the ideas of freedom in young people and prevent progressivism from gaining strength in their country. That is the intention of Ignacio Dancausa, recently elected president of Nuevas Generaciones of Partido Popular in Madrid, the youth wing of the party.

The university student from Madrid has no doubt that the right must fight the cultural battle and prevent the rise of communism not only in America but throughout the West. He also assures that young Hispanics facing totalitarian regimes are an inspiration in his political career.

“My main message to young Americans is don’t allow yourself to be collectivized and don’t allow the state to run your lives. We are seeing a rise of authoritarianism in the West where freedom and democracy are not guaranteed,” Dancausa said during a conversation with El American in his office at the Popular Party headquarters.

Dancausa also asked young Americans to be alert to the proposals of socialism. In his opinion, the communists intend to take control of society, charge more taxes and stay in power. In view of this, his proposal is that those who defend freedom should mobilize and express themselves without complexes.

“We young people have to be the retaining wall of socialism, which threatens to end our way of life and our democratic system. Young people flee from socialism in Latin America and find in Madrid that beacon of freedom. Living in Madrid means that no one collectivizes you and you develop your life as you wish. Madrid is the Spanish Florida, where the ideology woke will never take place and we live in freedom”.

A message from Madrid to America

It is about these ideas of freedom that he continually speaks and advocates for young people to have the reins of their lives. “We live in a time in which there are different totalitarian threats that want to put an end to our freedom. They want to collectivize us all based on sex, religion, nationality, or sexual orientation and for them, we are just a number. They don’t care about causes, they are only interested in using people to stay in power and what we defend is that each person is unique. We also defend that everyone has the right to live their life. That we count on each citizen according to their efforts and capabilities,” he said.

He is also clear about who his political references are. For example, he admires former Republican President Ronald Reagan. “My political references are Ronald Reagan, Margaret Thatcher, and John Paul II. They are the ones who in the 1980s, with their courage and bravery, influenced the end of the Soviet Union and the Berlin Wall. They enabled many to live in freedom. I also admire the young people living under dictatorship in Latin America and fighting, because the Berlin Wall fell thanks to the youth movements”.

Another of his commitments now as president of the Nuevas Generaciones del PP in Madrid is to support and give a voice to young Hispanics facing dictatorships in Latin America, particularly in Nicaragua, Cuba, and Venezuela.

Ignacio Dancausa, president of Nuevas Generaciones Madrid of the Popular Party.

“Young people want to have the reins of their lives and that is what they have always advocated. They want to work, study and raise a family. We want to get ahead with our own effort. We have always defended the opposition to all dictatorships and we have always done everything possible to put an end to all those dictatorships. The message we send to the young people in Latin America is that everything is possible: we also had a dictatorship and now we live in freedom and democracy. If they fight for it, they will achieve it. We will help as much as we can. We have met with political forces in Latin America and in the next few days we will start working”.

Finally, he stressed that right now his efforts are focused on the right regaining power in his country. He understands that the Spanish radical left is one of the allies of regimes such as that of Nicolás Maduro and therefore insists that it must be stopped.

“Now, I have my sights set on Isabel Díaz Ayuso winning with an absolute majority in May and Alberto Núñez Feijóo kicking Chavismo out of La Moncloa. I think we can do a lot politically, but also culturally”.

Williams Perdomo es periodista y escritor, especializado en las fuentes Política y Cultura.