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Maduro Accuses Chile’s Boric of Lack of Leadership

Maduro accuses Boric of lack of leadership

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Venezuela’s dictator, Nicolás Maduro, said Monday that a “firm leadership” was lacking to achieve the change of Constitution in Chile, after regretting that the proposal led by Gabriel Boric’s government was rejected in Sunday’s plebiscite by 62 % of voters.

“There was a lack of a firm, clear, credible leadership, with popular support, to take the lead on the constitutional text,” said Maduro in a meeting with the directive of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela, which was broadcasted by the state channel VTV.

The President considered that the proposal for constitutional change “had its wings clipped by the old Congress” that supported former President Sebastián Piñera and, therefore, an “original, sovereign and plenipotentiary process” never took place.

“They filled it with limitations, and in the end, they summoned a constitutional convention. What a pain for the peoples of Latin America and the Caribbean,” he maintained.

In addition, Maduro criticized that the constituent process was not “original” but “mediatized,” which, Maduro reiterated, “tied up” the proposal for change.

“What happened in Chile is truly painful,” he added, while lamenting this “defeat of the historic project” and expressing solidarity with “the people of Chile.”

An overwhelming majority rejected on Sunday the proposal for a new socialist Constitution in Chile with almost 62% of the votes.

The option to approve the new text, which declared Chile a social state under the rule of law, garnered only 38% of the support, with more than 95% of the votes counted.

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