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Maduro Celebrates Biden’s Presidency: ‘Trump Is Gone, Victory for Venezuela’

Nicolás Maduro

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Venezuelan dictator Maduro celebrated Joe Biden’s rise to the Oval Office on Wednesday following the departure of Donald Trump from the White House.

“Donald Trump left, we defeated him, a victory for Venezuela,” Maduro said in the middle of the ceremony of the National Culture Award, adding that Biden’s inauguration was a happy occasion.

“It’s the perfect day. In the face of Donald Trump’s defeat, loneliness and retirement, it’s nice to show the colorful diversity of the Venezuelan identity,” he continued. “Venezuela’s culture, identity and rebelliousness has triumphed.”

During the last four years, President Donald Trump led efforts to bring democracy back to Venezuela by imposing economic sanctions on members of the Chavista regime and the country’s vital oil industry.

“In these four years Donald Trump installed an extremist narrative, an extremist narrative about Venezuela, and today we can say that about Donald Trump failed, he was defeated by reality,” said Maduro, whose country is currently experiencing a poverty rate of 96 percent, according to Encovi data.

“I know Joe Biden,” Maduro added referring to a meeting they held when the current president served as Barack Obama’s Vice-President where they were photographed smiling. “I call today, January 20th, for a deep and profound rectification and for President Biden to take the reins of command over Latin American policy and over Venezuela.”

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