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Maduro Mocks Biden Admin’s Threats to Intensify Sanctions

Maduro se burla de las amenazas de intensificar sanciones de la Administración Biden

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VENEZUELA‘s dictator, Nicolas Maduro, said Thursday that the U.S. threat to intensify sanctions if he does not resume negotiations with the opposition suspended since last October, is lost “at the bottom of the sea of contempt”.

“They will stick shouts of threats, the U.S. empire, but they should know that their threats are lost at the bottom of the sea of contempt and oblivion and their arrogance remains as a sad fable of what they were and will never be again, a unique empire,” said the dictator from the scientific “Expoferia” together with Iranian businessmen, in Caracas.

Maduro assured that the time of the “dominant empires” is over and the time has come for the people, for peace, cooperation, and the “right to exist and develop”.

The United States warned the Venezuelan regime that its patience is not “infinite” and threatened to intensify sanctions if it does not resume negotiations with the opposition in Mexico City, suspended since October 2021, after the extradition of the Colombian businessman Álex Saab to US territory, pointed out as Maduro’s frontman.

The Undersecretary of the State Department for Latin America, Brian Nichols promised that if there is no progress, his government will continue to work in coordination with its partners to ensure that the regime does not have access to the assets that are frozen and will promote investigations by several agencies such as the International Criminal Court (ICC) on human rights violations in Venezuela.

Editor’s Note: The quotes featured in this article were originally published in Spanish, then translated to English and edited for publication.

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