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Maduro Visits Iran, Strengthens Alliance with Terrorism-Sponsoring State


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The dictator of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, traveled yesterday to Iran to sign, according to what he said, a cooperation agreement for at least two years between both countries. However, he did not detail the points agreed upon. Maduro assured on his Twitter account that the alliance was perfected in different areas.

“In May, Iran’s state-owned National Iranian Oil Engineering and Construction Co signed a contract worth about 110 million euros to repair Venezuela’s smaller 146,000 barrel-per-day refinery,” Reuters news agency recalled.

During an interview with the Iranian television channel Hispantv, the Venezuelan announced the start of a weekly air route from Caracas to Tehran. He also commented that there could be commercial exchanges as part of this agreement with Iran.

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“The visit to the Iranian nation, has as its main purpose, to take our brotherhood to a higher level, in all strategic areas for the development of both peoples. The relationship we have is a model to follow of true solidarity, learning and mutual support,” Maduro wrote on his Twitter account.

Venezuela and Iran

Maduro stressed that his regime shares an “anti-imperialist” vision with Iran. “We have managed to recognize ourselves with the Islamic Republic of Iran as brothers and partners in the anti-imperialist struggle for a better world, of international respect, Peace and without hegemonies.”

He also spoke about the license that Joe Biden’s government gave to the American Chevron. “Welcome, there we are. When they left we said they would come back and that we would be here,” Maduro commented during the interview.

Despite Maduro’s statements and his recent visits to countries such as Iran and Turkey, Joe Biden’s administration has not yet issued a statement on its position regarding these alliances and meetings, which represent a threat to geopolitics in the Americas.