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Majority of Americans Believe Biden Doesn’t Care about Solving Problems

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A majority of Americans show concern, worry, and frustration about the state of the country, with a pessimistic stance on the economy, and think President Joe Biden is slow to respond to important issues.

According to a recent CBS News poll, 63% of respondents think the state of the country is disturbing and worrisome, while 69% believe the economy is in bad shape.

Overall, an overwhelming 74% of Americans think things in the U.S. are going badly, with 77% being pessimistic about the cost of living.

More than half the country, 55%, believe that President Biden does not care about the needs of Americans. In the same proportion, they believe that Biden does not fight to correct the country’s problems.

The poll, which was conducted in partnership with CBS News and YouGov, surveyed 2,041 adult U.S. residents between May 18 and May 20.

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