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Most Canadians Would Agree to Receive Paychecks in Cryptocurrencies

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62% of Canadians would agree to be paid in cryptocurrencies. This was revealed by a survey conducted by Capterra. However, respondents also explained that they do not transact in crypto because they do not yet have enough information and there is fear that the government could outlaw it.

“Since cryptocurrency is a relatively recent creation, it makes sense that younger generations are more familiar with it. Our survey found that younger Canadians reported that they are currently buying and using cryptocurrencies in greater numbers,” the pollster notes.

“The growing use of cryptocurrencies may be influencing Canada to consider creating its own digital offerings,” the survey explains. 

The cryptocurrency debate

Cryptocurrency is not just a growing trend in Canada. In the United States, it has also become a topic of debate among Americans. In fact, some politicians have expressed their willingness to receive their salary, for example, in Bitcoin.

This is the case of the mayor of Miami, Francis Suarez. The Republican assured in November that he would agree to be paid in the virtual currency. He made the statement after Bitcoin expert Anthony Pompliano asked which politician would accept payment in the cryptocurrency.

crypto - el american
Mayor of Miami would receive his salary in cryptocurrencies | Photo: Francis Suarez official Instagram

In addition, the mayor mentioned his government’s Chief Technology Officer, asking if he could help him with his requirement. “I’m going to take my next paycheck 100% in bitcoin. Problem solved! @Sarasti can you help?” wrote Suarez on Twitter.

Suarez’s comments came amid a debate over the use of bitcoin. Some members of Congress, according to a paper by El American, have expressed their disagreement with this type of transaction. In fact, in July, a bill was introduced in New York to ban Bitcoin mining in the state.

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