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Majority of Hispanics Would Vote Republican If Elections Were Held Today: Fox News

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At least 52% of Hispanics would vote for the Republican Party if the election were held today. This is what a new poll published by Fox News showed. Upon learning the data, the Republican National Committee said it should be a wake-up call to the Democratic Party.

The majority of Hispanics to vote for the Republican Party, poll finds

At the beginning of this year 2022, a study showed the growth of the Republican Party. It highlighted that voter support for the GOP reached one of its highest levels in decades. The survey detailed that 47% of American voters identify or lean towards the Republicans, while the Democrats only get 42% of the electorate.

“The data is very significant as Democrats have managed to maintain a significant advantage in Party ID since the 1990s, although Republicans have gained the upper hand in some moments,” explained El American analyst Daniel Chang.

Rising Hispanic vote

A more recent study published in March 2022 indicated that 63% of voters believe the country is “headed in the wrong direction.” Data from a new Wall Street Journal (WSJ) poll showed that the president’s approval rating continues to decline, with 57% of respondents saying they are dissatisfied with his performance versus 42% who approve it.

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According to the WSJ analysis, Republicans have gained support among black and Hispanic voters since the same poll was conducted last November, a “wake-up call” for Democrats.