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Majority of Michigan Voters Support Stricter Voter ID Laws

Los resultados muestran que la mayoría de votantes estarían de acuerdo con que los ciudadanos muestren una identificación con foto para poder votar.

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The majority of Michigan voters support the implementation of photo ID laws when voting. This was revealed by a survey conducted by Strategic National, which detailed that 72 % of voters support the initiative. This percentage includes 58 % of black voters.

The results show that citizens would agree to show a photo ID in order to vote.

Similarly, 76 % of respondents said they believed that the signature on a vote-by-mail ballot should be properly verified and match the voter’s signature before the vote is counted.

Strategic National stated on its website that the survey was conducted from March 29-31, 2021, and polled 800 likely voters for the general election. It explained that the survey has a margin of error of 3.47 %.

La mayoría de votantes pidió que se verifique la firma en los votos por correo
Majority of voters asked for signature verification on mail-in ballots (Flickr)
Majority of voters support reform, GOP says

The Republican Party also alluded to the survey and assured the results despite the fact that, in their opinion, the state’s lieutenant governor, Garlin Gilchrist, promotes racial tensions.

“Garlin Gilchrist, who is inflaming racial tensions in an effort to block the common sense reforms.” the GOP wrote.

Likewise, the party stressed that a majority of voters back the GOP in its efforts to make election reforms that, the Michigan GOP chief insisted, would aim to bring transparency to elections.

“While Democrats, Woke Corporate America and their media allies continue to spread misinformation about legitimate efforts to protect our election process, this poll shows that voters of all races and political affiliations support common sense reforms to make voting easier and cheating more difficult,” said Ron Weiser, chairman of the Michigan Republican Party.

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