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Making it Easier to Vote and Harder to Cheat

Making it easier to vote and harder to cheat

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Election integrity is a top priority for the RNC, as our democratic process depends on free, fair, and transparent elections that voters across the political spectrum can trust. That is why the RNC is leading the fight to expand the right to vote while promoting legal provisions that make cheating more difficult. With the November election just around the corner, the Republican National Committee can count on the support of more than 45,000 poll watchers and trained election workers, as well as critical legal victories that protect the rights of Americans to free, fair and transparent elections.

The Republican National Committee is committed to stopping overreach from the Democrats, ensuring bipartisan representation among poll watchers, and promoting transparency at the polls in every state in the United States. The RNC has known that it has left all options on the table, including litigation, to achieve those goals.

In the past month alone, the RNC recorded significant victories in the legal field in several states. On August 25th, the North Carolina Rules Review Commission rejected the North Carolina Board of Elections’ attempt to limit polling place observation in North Carolina elections. This victory results from a consistent campaign, including multiple letters, from the RNC and the North Carolina Republican Party (NCGOP) demanding election transparency.

On August 24th, the Republican National Committee (RNC) was granted intervention to defend against efforts by the Democratic National Committee (DNC) to allow non-citizens to vote in Arizona elections. The RNC will also protect itself against Biden’s DOJ and other lawsuits from the left that challenge an Arizona law meant to verify voters’ citizenship.

This is one of several cases the RNC has engaged in to help protect the integrity of Arizona elections, including that monumental 2021 Supreme Court victory in DNC v. Brnovich, which upheld Arizona’s ban on ballot harvesting.

On August 18th, the RNC defeated Democrat efforts to undermine Georgia’s election integrity legislation by letting partisan operatives influence voters waiting in line. On August 4th, a Georgia court granted a joint intervention by the RNC and the Georgia Republican Party (GAGOP) to protect absentee ballot signature safeguards. These two victories are just the latest developments in the RNC’s ongoing efforts to protect Georgia’s election integrity. The RNC has also successfully litigated to ensure that recent election integrity reforms in Florida, Iowa, and Texas remain in effect for this election cycle and others to come.

On July 8th, the GOP scored a major victory for election integrity when the Wisconsin Supreme Court sided with RNC’s arguments in an amicus brief. The favorable ruling decided that state legislatures —not unelected bureaucrats— should determine the use of absentee ballot drop boxes and also restricts absentee ballot harvesting in Wisconsin. The RNC is engaged in additional litigation in Wisconsin to ensure state election officials follow the law regarding verifying absentee ballots.

In June, an RNC-led coalition struck down a New York City law that would have allowed over 800,000 non-citizens to vote in the municipal elections. 

At this point, less than two months before the election, the RNC has recruited, trained, and accredited more than 45,000 poll watchers and poll workers across the country. These volunteers will be at the forefront of preserving transparency and faith in the November 8th midterm elections. So far this cycle, the Republican National Committee has been leading the process of recruiting and training members of the largest electoral operation in the party’s history. Our team has held more than 3,500 training events, with more than 50,000 attendees.

In addition to poll watchers and poll workers, the RNC has engaged more than 134,000 volunteers. The Republican Party understands the importance of this year’s November election and is willing to go to any lengths to ensure its transparency.

Visit ProtectTheVote.com for more on the RNC’s effort to promote safe and secure elections.

Jaime Florez is the Hispanic Communications Director - Republican National Committe. Public Relations, Public Affairs, Communications, and Marketing Executive with extensive experience in politics, international trade, publishing, and mass media // Jaime Florez es Director de Comunicaciones Hispanas - Comité Nacional Republicano. Ejecutivo de Relaciones Públicas, Asuntos Públicos, Comunicaciones y Marketing con amplia experiencia en política, comercio internacional, publicaciones y medios de comunicación.

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