Un hombre intentó violar a una mujer en un Walmart de Miami y fue detenido por otros clientes

Miami Man Charged with Raping Woman in Walmart

Identified as Brendan Jarmal Harvey, the judge set his bail at $50,000

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A 28-year-old man was arrested and charged by law enforcement after he attempted to rape a woman inside a Miami Walmart, something that was prevented thanks to a group of customers who pounced on him and captured him.

Law enforcement says this may not be the first time Brendan Jarmal Harvey attempted to rape someone, prompting them to launch a hotline for other potential victims.

The events happened last Sunday night at a Walmart chain supermarket in the northwest Miami area, according to the arrest record.

A woman was shopping when a man approached her from behind, grabbed her, lifted her dress, and threw her to the floor, where he ripped off her underwear.

Upon hearing the woman’s screams, a group of customers went to the area where they came from and found the man on top of the woman he had thrown to the floor.

One of the patrons jumped on the man to separate him from the woman and others grabbed him and eventually restrained him until police arrived and arrested the man, later identified as Brendan Jarmal Harvey, who was set bail at $50,000 by the judge.

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