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Democrat Senator Refuses to Back Biden’s Radical Climate Agenda and Tax Hike

Manchin se niega a respaldar la agenda radical climática de Biden y la subida de impuestos

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Democrat Senator Joe Manchin, a key vote in advancing President Joe Biden’s legislative agenda, told his party colleagues Thursday that he will not support the president’s radical plans on climate change policies and tax hikes.

According to Democrat Party sources, Manchin was adamant in his opposition to increasing spending on “climate change” items and raising corporate tax burdens.

With the president’s popularity rating at an all-time high and low, these two provisions are critical to the package Biden, and the Democrats wanted to pass before the November congressional elections. This is to try to gain some breathing room in an election race that looks tremendously tough for them.

Manchin’s lack of support was the main reason why Biden’s first economic bill — dubbed “Build Back Better,” with a budget of around $1.75 trillion — failed to move forward.

Manchin — a Democrat representing the state of West Virginia — is a crucial vote to move any measure forward in the Senate, given its current tight composition, where exactly half of the senators are Republicans and the other half are Democrats.

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