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Manhattan DA Candidate Promises to Decriminalize Misdemeanors, Despite Crime Spike

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Manhattan may fall into disgrace due to the increase in crime with the arrival of a new district attorney who intends to push for the decriminalization of misdemeanors. A situation that could be similar to what is happening today in San Francisco where criminals have “freedom” to commit misdeeds.

A report by the New York Police Department revealed that in June 2021 the overall crime rate in the city increased by 3.1% compared to June 2020. This June there were 8,311 reported while the same period last year saw 8,058 reported.

The rising crime numbers could get worse if Democrat Alvin Bragg wins the Manhattan District Attorney’s office because of his pledge to reduce prison time for non-violent offenders.

Bragg points out that if he becomes District Attorney, these offenders could be released the same day, a situation that could serve as an incentive for crime to increase, as it is happening in San Francisco.

San Francisco: decriminalization of misdemeanors led to its rise

This Tuesday, July 6, a video went viral showing thieves fleeing with expensive handbags from an upscale store in San Francisco. The same thing happened last month when ABC News reporter Lyanne Melendez filmed, along with a drugstore security guard, a man filling a trash bag with products and then fleeing the scene on his bicycle with no qualms.

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Citizens in San Francisco denounce that, in broad daylight and without fear, people with their faces covered steal drugstores, clothing stores, and supermarkets without being arrested. The reason is that in that city a change in the criminal law was approved which reduced “non-violent robberies” to the category of “misdemeanors”. Proposition 47 establishes that thefts in San Francisco for products under $950 will not be penalized.

A report in The Epoch Times notes that “law enforcement reports that many thieves now calculate taking enough to stay below the $950 Proposition 47 threshold.”

“They can repeat the same theft up to the same $950 threshold as many times as they wish without it becoming a felony. The thefts are not cumulative,” the media outlet notes.

San Francisco then is the most realistic example of what could happen to Manhattan should Alvin Bragg win the election for District Attorney.

“Non-incarceration will be the outcome for all cases except those charged with homicide or death of a victim, a “Class B” violent felony in which a deadly weapon causes serious physical injury or “serious sex” offenses,” reads Bragg’s campaign materials. A promise whose consequence could become much like what we are experiencing today in California with the rise of “misdemeanors.”

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