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María Elvira Salazar to Biden: ‘Prove to the World You Are with Cubans’

The representative for Florida has been blunt in demanding U.S. support for Cuban citizenship

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In an exclusive brief meeting with El American, the Republican representative for Florida, Cuban-American journalist María Elvira Salazar, once again urged Joe Biden’s administration to “provide the tools” to Cuban protesters to “take their future into their own hands.”

Salazar expressed the need for President Biden to “prove to the world that he is with the Cubans”, that he hopes to see a “free Cuba” and that he is willing to do what he can to help them.

He also insisted that Biden should offer two things to the Cubans. First, Internet connection: “Cubans need to understand that they are not alone, that the streets of Havana will be crowded and many people will be beaten and tortured, but the rest of the international community will be watching”. Secondly, “Let him come forward and say, ‘We are with the Cubans and we want the international community to be with the Cubans.'”

“[Cubans] will take their future into their own hands. We just have to give them the tools,” she said.

The Florida representative has been adamant in demanding U.S. support for the Cuban people, who have taken to the streets against the communist dictatorship of the Castros and Miguel Díaz-Canel since July 11. Last week, Salazar introduced a bill before Congress that denounces the horrors of socialism and gives as an example the cases of the greatest crimes and tragedies perpetrated by socialists in the USSR, China, Cambodia, North Korea, Cuba and Venezuela.

Salazar was present at the Cuban-American community demonstration in Washington on Sunday. From outside the White House, the Cuban-born congresswoman said that “this is the most important moment for the exile community in the last 62 years.”

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