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‘They Should Feel Shame’: Maria Elvira Salazar Lectures Mainstream Media

Salazar, El American

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On Wednesday, while leaving a meeting with Republican Party congressmen, U.S. Rep. María Elvira Salazar (R-FL) was asked by a group of journalists about the January 6 riots and took the opportunity to give a lesson in journalism to the American mainstream media.

Salazar, who worked as a journalist for 35 years, pointed out that American media “are not doing their job,” and are not focusing on “what is not important,” while being infiltrated by “socialists and neo-Marxists” who pose a real threat to the United States.

“We have a problem in this country with the news media,” Salazar said. “They’re trying to look for headlines on what is not important. What is important is that there’s a major threat in this country by what I call the socialists or the neo-Marxists: that’s the real threat.”

The Cuban-American representative told reporters that, as journalists, they have a responsibility that they are not fulfilling and that, while the country is experiencing difficult times, journalists are busy simply looking for a good “headline.”

Salazar: “The story is bigger”

However, reporters continued to question Salazar about the Jan. 6 riots. In this regard, the congresswoman said that what happened at the Capitol is “despicable” and that “everyone who had a responsability needs to pay for it,” but insisted that the bigger problem is not being addressed.

“You cannot be storming any buildings, much less the Capitol, but then why don’t we move forward? And why don’t we start thinking ‘what’s happening right now’? But no, the media doesn’t want to do that because it’s not convenient, it doesn’t produce headlines,” Salazar continued.

In an attempt to change the subject of the conversation, a reporter asked Salazar about the content of the meeting that had just ended, and the congresswoman responded that topics such as inflation, fuel prices, and the immigration crisis were discussed.

“For us, the browns, the border is a major problem, it’s giving us a horrible name. We’ve got to fix this,” Salazar said. “But no one is talking about it because it’s not convenient. Because the editors and the people who are running the network just do not like that type of headline. And that’s a very big diservice to this country.”

The reporter again interrupted her to state that they are “just trying to figure out what happened on January 6th,” to which Salazar replied that it was necessary to question both sides, Republicans and Democrats, and that began by asking Nancy Pelosi what she knew about it.

“We need to know what she [Pelosi] knew 24 hours, 48 hours, 72 hours before,” the representative insisted. “I have no idea because I don’t have a crystal ball, but I do believe that we have oversight, and we have mechanisms in place to find out what anyone knew. Leadership from the Dems, leadership from the republicans. That’s our system, otherwise, we’re banana republic.”

“But you’re part of the GOP,” the reporter continued. “I am part of the GOP, proudly, but that does not mean that I’m not an American,” Salazar responded. “I want to know everything that happened including Madam Speaker down.”

In a further attempt to turn the course of the conversation, the reporter questioned Salazar about the leaked audios of GOP leader Kevin McCarthy, in which several Republican representatives discussed the consequences that the January 6 riots would have on Donald Trump’s presidency.

“And what was your response as an American [to the McCarthy audios]?” the reporter asked, to which the Republican replied that the audio was edited and she doesn’t know the full context.

“What I’m saying to you is that it’s not a matter of trying to find out what he said, it’s the whole story,” Salazar insisted. “Don’t you guys see it, what you guys are doing? History will judge the news organizations a hundred years from now and they’ll say we were not doing our job.”

Salazar attempted to talk with the other reporters gathered around about the job that the media is not doing, which is to find the truth about the threats that infiltrate the country’s newsrooms.

“Listen, I am more concerned, not about the past, but about the future. Don’t you see that there is an influence called the neo-Marxists penetrating media and academia? Don’t you guys see it?! And you know what that means? Oh, ask the Venezuelans, ask the Cubans (…) we do know what happens when the neo-Marxists and the socialist forces infiltrate a society.”

Finally, the Cuban-American congresswoman said that the mainstream media, their editors and “the people who are running the show” should feel “shame” for not focusing on what really threatens the future of the country.

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