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María Elvira Salazar Slams Tyrants in Cuba and Venezuela, Says Communism is Ending

María Elvira Salazar, El American

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Rep. María Elvira Salazar (R-FL) expressed her solidarity with Cuba and Venezuela due to the latest events in both countries.

On Sunday, Cubans took to the streets to protest against the Castro regime demanding their longed-for freedom.

“You are not alone! Count on us to continue supporting your struggle for freedom and democracy,” Salazar wrote on Twitter.

In a video shared on the social network, the Republican described this day as historic and assured that what has happened in Cuba “is the beginning of the end”.

And while in Cuba citizens continue this Monday in the streets, in Venezuela agents of the dictatorship of Nicolás Maduro are harassing political leaders such as Juan Guaidó, recognized as interim president by more than 60 countries, including the United States, and the deputy to the National Assembly, Freddy Guevara, whom the regime deprived of his freedom for allegedly linking him to extremist and paramilitary groups associated with the Government of Colombia, according to a statement from the Venezuelan Public Prosecutor’s Office.

María Elvira Salazar asks the United States to support Cuba and Venezuela

“They are afraid that Venezuelans will take to the streets again. Dictators tremble”, said María Elvira Salazar in allusion to the siege suffered by Venezuelan politicians.

“Dictators and Tyrants across Latin America are terrified because people are rising up against socialist oppression and fighting for their freedom. The United States must stand with the brave people of the region as they demand their God-given liberty!” the congresswoman pointed out.

Another Republican senator who also spoke out against it was Marco Rubio who warned that while these actions were happening in Venezuela, Joe Biden’s Administration was lifting some sanctions on the Venezuelan regime.

“At that very moment, Nicolás Maduro was abducting a prominent member of the opposition and surrounding the home of Juan Guaidó trying to abduct him, while the Biden Administration was announcing it was removing a sanction on the regime in Venezuela,” Rubio wrote on Twitter.

María Elvira Salazar, El American
Venezuela’s interim president Juan Guaidó during the events this Monday, July 12 in front of his residence in Caracas, Venezuela. (EFE)

Venezuela’s interim president denounced that officials entered his residence and surrounded the vehicle where he was, beat down the driver, set off an explosive and pointed long guns at them. Guaidó is currently safe at home thanks to the neighbors of the residence where he lives in Caracas and the press that was present during the event.

María Elvira Salazar, El American
Deputy to the Venezuelan National Assembly, Freddy Guevara. (EFE)

While the parliamentarian, Freddy Guevara was detained by agents of the Venezuelan regime without any order against him. The Venezuelan political leader is accused by the dictatorship of his country for crimes of terrorism and “treason”, according to the letter of the Venezuelan Public Prosecutor’s Office.

Both actions were taking place in Venezuela, at the same time that the U.S. Treasury Department issued this Monday a license authorizing some transactions with the state-owned oil company Petróleos de Venezuela. In this way, the sanctions imposed by the U.S. government on the company would be lifted.

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