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Rep. Maria Salazar Slams Biden’s Decision on FARC: They Are Rapists


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Cuban-American Rep. María Elvira Salazar said Thursday that President Joe Biden’s decision to remove the Colombian terrorist group FARC from the list of terrorist organizations is a “slap in the face to Colombians.”

Salazar said that the FARC “have been destroying, killing, kidnapping, raping, being drug traffickers and terrorists for more than 60 years,” so she considers that the presidential decision implies “giving a medal of honor to these bandits.”

An “olive branch” for the FARC

“Do we know that five years ago they signed a peace treaty? Of course! But we also know that in those five years there have been hundreds of attacks by these terrorists against the Colombian people,” said the representative for Florida in a video posted on Twitter.

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In addition, Salazar indicated that “the olive branch” sent by the Biden administration to the FARC also benefits the Marxist candidate for Colombia’s presidency, Senator Gustavo Petro, and that it could be interpreted as the United States being willing to negotiate with the terrorists.

“This is not the way to treat terrorists or Marxists,” Salazar concluded.

The Republican was among the first to react to Biden’s controversial decision on the FARC. In a message on her personal Twitter account, Salazar cited some of the most recent attacks perpetrated by the terrorist organization and asked Biden, “Where don’t you see terrorism?”

That same day, from his official Twitter account, Salazar referred to the FARC as “narco-terrorist communists who massacre civilians, journalists, politicians and children” and said that, by removing the terrorist designation, President Biden “signals that they are not evil.”

According to the Wall Street Journal, Biden’s decision is intended to demonstrate U.S. support for the peace agreement reached by the Colombian government with the guerrillas in 2016.

The news also provoked the reaction of the Republican senator for Texas, Ted Cruz, who considers the measure a “deviation” in U.S. foreign policy at the hands of the Biden administration.