«El capitalismo está en su peor momento»: Stephen Soukup

Capitalism is in Danger: Stephen Soukup

The top three asset management companies fully embrace woke ideologies, confirming that capitalism is in grave danger

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Stephen R. Soukup, senior commentator, Vice President, publisher of The Political Forum, and author of The Dictatorship of Woke Capital: How Political Correctness Captured Big Business (Encounter Books, 2021) recently sat down with El American for a one-on-one discussion over the dangers that the free enterprising system is facing.

The market economy, contends Soukup, is “facing a day of reckoning” because of woke capitalism, a subject matter he has mastered and skillfully communicates in his magnificent new book.

The three major passive asset management firms in America, control the bulk of the nation’s capital market. These entities wholly embrace woke ideologies and are contaminating market rationality, while they undermine the American republican model, its capitalist system, and the principles of a free society.

Soukup, who has both a financial and political science background, offers a seminal critique of the cultural Marxists tenets, whose variants stem from the Frankfurt School’s Critical Theory workshop, that sustain this wild venture of socialist thought in the economic realm.

Woke shareholder activism, a white collar corporate revolutionary class, insists that the political agenda they are pushing by manipulating the capitalist system, is falsely being labeled as a “win, win” situation. In fact, there are enormous tradeoffs, as Soukup points out. There are enormous costs, most of all, the systemic risk that this illiberal mode of conducting business affairs poses. The interview presents the complexities and dangers of woke capital.  

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