marxismo busca destruir América - Marcell Felipe

‘Marxism Wants to Destroy America’: Cuban Activist Marcell Filipe

The Chairman of the Inspire America Foundation, Marcell Felipe, warned that Marxism is well coordinated and wants to destroy the United States

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Marcell Felipe, Esq., an activist for human rights in Cuba and Chairman of the Inspire America Foundation, warned that Marxism – the same that plunged the island and Venezuela into a humanitarian crisis – is well-coordinated and wants to destroy the United States.

Felipe pointed out that the United States does not escape from the reality of other countries the Left has devastated, bringing crisis and suffering to the region.

During the National Conservatism Conference, the Cuban activist stressed the significance of heeding the warnings of Cuban and Venezuelan migrants who have constantly repeated that Marxism is equal to destruction.

“During the past 60 years, Cuban Americans have been warning Americans(…) when Venezuelans go around warning everyone(…) there could be Marxism in the United States, we are not different,” he pointed out.

Felipe reminded them that in 2020, 70% of Cuban Americans voted for the Republican candidate, and went on saying that “instead of consolidating their power, Democrats have consolidated the power of Marxism.”

Seeking total destruction

The human rights activist added that Marxism “is not looking for a middle ground, it is only looking for one thing: our total destruction.”

He pointed out that, if Marxism were to win in the United States, there would be nowhere else to go, and nobody else to warn.”

“A coordinated and well-organized Marxism is under way in America,” he concluded.

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