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Marxist Paradise Is a Joyless Hell

El paraíso marxista es un infierno sin gozo. Imagen: Unsplash

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For more than a century and a half, the Marxist paradise has been promoted throughout the world, condemning hundreds of millions of people to the joyless hell of a life of submission and subjected to the very individual whim of bureaucratic mafias disguised as collective will.

That paradise is an avernus of poverty, hopelessness, genocides and a gray life, where the “enjoyment” of the people is considered an individualistic blasphemy, while the rulers, of course, indulge in their hedonistic pleasures.

It was no coincidence that architectural brutalism spread systematically throughout the Soviet bloc, while the rest of art became the insipid propaganda of “socialist realism”. Nor was it by chance that behind the iron curtain were hidden gray, repetitive and gloomy cities, for creativity and joy are profoundly individual acts and, therefore, condemnable to those who pretend to reduce everything to the will of the collective.

That dull, bureaucratic and tyrannical solemnity remains the ill-disguised aspiration of collectivists around the world. Disguised under a yearning for justice, it imposes conformity and loyalty to the group that we observe, for example, behind the constant impetus of the cancellation culture to eliminate any manifestation that does not adhere to the guidelines defined by censorship committees (first tacit and then made official.)

Marxist paradise, driven by Marx… Arriaga

They do not always conceal their tyrannical appetites. Sometimes we meet some Marxists who, out of sincerity or cynicism, openly manifest their hatred for the enjoyment of ideas. One of these cases is that of, literally, Marx; not Karl, the German, but Marx Arriaga Navarro, the Mexican who works as Director of Educational Materials in AMLO’s Government.

Last July 28, the official (one of the bureaucrats with the greatest media impact in the Mexican Government) directly, cynically and openly condemned the “appreciation of reading as a leisure activity.”

On the contrary, he said, it is necessary for reading to become “an emancipatory action” and a “community action based on a reflection of the background of each of those involved who in community concretize the relevant themes to be developed, generating a reflection that has as its goal the transformation of reality.”

Thus, Marx Arriaga, in the most stale “Marxist” tradition of disdain for ideas and the materialistic instrumentalization of human beings, demands that reading be converted into a political act oriented and controlled by the collective interest. That is, by the government.

El paraíso marxista es un infierno sin gozo, donde leer por gozo es blasfemia. Imagen: Unsplash
The Marxist paradise is a joyless hell, where reading for joy is blasphemy. Image: Unsplash

When the private is political, nothing is personal

At the bottom, what the Mexican official points out is simply the inevitable consequence of the reasoning that “the personal is political” that has become so fashionable among the American left. By inserting the political dimension in our daily actions (i.e., in “the personal”) the personal disappears and the individual is diluted in the acid of collective action and agenda.

This is the great danger of the collectivist vision. It is true that BLM, Ocasio-Cortez, Bernie Sanders… or Marx Arriaga, are not Stalin or Fidel Castro, but they share with those tyrants the underlying conviction that the human being is nothing but a battle mechanism at the service of a collective end.

That explains why, as socialism consolidates its domination over some regions, the radicals abandon and betray their fellow travelers (useful fools, as Lenin called them) of social democracy and the bourgeois left, because for real socialism, enjoyment is a profoundly anti-revolutionary act.

That is why it is much easier to be a hippie in the United States than in the Soviet Union.

For real socialism, all our human acts, from speech, dialogue and reading, to dreams, copulation and breathing, are political acts, which must be directed towards the achievement of a government agenda, so using them for “individual enjoyment” is perceived as a criminal waste.

That is the true face of the Marxist paradise, that of a joyless hell where everything and everyone must be useful to the whim of the State, with life and death, whose value is reduced to that of a mere instrument in the hands of the great planning tyrant, who denies free will and “builds” from rationalized hatred in class struggle. That is, Satan.

Gerardo Garibay Camarena, is a doctor of law, writer and political analyst with experience in the public and private sectors. His new book is "How to Play Chess Without Craps: A Guide to Reading Politics and Understanding Politicians" // Gerardo Garibay Camarena es doctor en derecho, escritor y analista político con experiencia en el sector público y privado. Su nuevo libro es “Cómo jugar al ajedrez Sin dados: Una guía para leer la política y entender a los políticos”

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