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Pro-Trump MMA Fighter Masvidal Will Fight Usman for the UFC Welterweight Title. Who Will Win?

Masvidal, El American

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Mixed martial arts fans, and especially Latino audiences, are looking forward to the Masvidal vs Usman 2 fight for the UFC Welterweight title.

Jorge Masvidal is recognized and widely acclaimed in the Latino community not only because every chance he gets he expresses the pride he feels for being the son of Hispanic parents but, more importantly because he represents the dream of many immigrants to achieve great success with a lot of work and determination.

Masvidal is the author of the fastest knockout in UFC history. The five seconds it took this son of a Cuban balsero to knock out the cocky Ben Askren still shocks MMA lovers.

Before becoming a celebrity in companies like Bellator or UFC, he was already famous in the world of street fighting. His fights, in the backyards of Miami, were broadcasted on Youtube, and his extraordinary skill earned him his nickname, Gamebred.

He also understands politics quite well and does not remain silent when it comes to defending freedom. As a good son of a Cuban balsero, he knows the damage that socialism does. Tough and accurate, like his punches, are Masvidal’s attacks on the left. His political comments of course have made him even more popular and beloved in a Latino community that comes to this country fleeing the misfortunes brought by leftist ideas.

“I’m everything that opposes communism, socialism, even democratic socialism, everything that waves under that banner that says, ‘We’re going to do all these great things for you, we’re going to give you all these free benefits here and free benefits there, but we’re going to take away your freedom.’ I’m against that,” the Cuban-American recently told DISRN in an interview.

As part of his crusade against the left, the mixed martial arts personality is part of Fighters Against Socialism, a program that brings together MMA fighters who stand up to the left. Also, during the presidential campaign, he gave his support to Trump and made clear the danger posed by the Biden-Harris duo.

“It’s what my dad used to teach me, when you see socialism knocking on the door, get ready to fight; and you know I know how to fight,” says Masvidal.

On Saturday, this anti-communist Latino who makes his community proud, will go for the welterweight title in the main event of UFC 261 and has the public anxious. Commentators and martial arts fans are talking about how this could be the most epic pay-per-view fight in history. UFC is looking to set a PPV record with Jorge Masvidal and surpass the number of sellouts recorded in previous fights.

Masvidal vs. Usman 2: A Much Deserved Rematch

Kamaru Usman, who Masvidal is looking to take the welterweight title from, is on a long consecutive winning streak. In July last year, the Nigerian defeated Masvidal by unanimous decision. However, the circumstances in which the fight took place left Masvidal asking for a rematch, and the public with the feeling of not having seen the best possible confrontation. The Latino fighter’s remarks were convincing.

Masvidal took that fight at UFC 251 on just six days’ notice and had to cut 20 pounds in five days to make the 170-pound welterweight title limit. In addition to having to cut weight in the same amount of time to accommodate the category, as it was a proposal that came to him in an untimely manner, the Latino claims that he was not preparing as he would have if he had a fight scheduled in advance.

These claims of the fighter, the unsatisfactory outcome UFC 251 viewers of not having seen Masvidal at his best, combined his charisma and, of course, the bad blood between the fighters, led the UFC to offer a new Usman vs Masvidal fight.

We will see what happens this Saturday in Jacksonville, Florida. For now, the level of excitement among MMA fans is at its peak as this charismatic Latino who owns the fastest knockout in UFC history faces up against Usman, who has one of the most remarkable winning streaks in the history of the UFC.

Will Masvidal surprise us with a new knee or spinning attack? Let’s hope so.

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