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Amid Increasing Public Transport Crime, NYC Mayor Adams Takes Subway Ride with NYPD

Ante elevado crimen en New York, alcalde Eric Adams recorre el metro con la Policía

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The mayor of New York, Eric Adams, decided to take a tour of the subway after the high crime rate facing the city. Adams, who was accompanied by the Police and New York Post, assured that he is shocked to see what citizens have to live with.

“Adams — who campaigned on a promise to restore order to an increasingly lawless Gotham — said the scales fell from his eyes when he began reviewing internal city operations following his swearing-in moments after midnight on New Year’s Day,” explained the New York Post.

The media outlet added that “Adams acknowledged his frustration in implementing his first major initiative: to crack down on rule-breaking in the subways and stop homeless people from living in stations and on trains.”

Eric Adams Criticizes Previous Mayors

The current mayor criticized the management of previous local mandarins and explained that, in his opinion, many are in charge of marking a personal milestone instead of focusing on having a good government.

The New York media made an account of how the problems in the city were increasing during Bill de Blasio’s administration. “In 2021, the final year of de Blasio’s tenure, the city saw nearly every category of major crime increase to levels that hadn’t been seen in years, with felony assaults exceeding 22,000 for the first time since 2001.”

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