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SF Mayor Takes Defund the Police U-Turn, Begs for ‘Emergency’ Funds to Fight Crime

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San Francisco’s Democratic mayor, London Breed, acknowledged that her woke, pro-defund the police policies have failed. This Tuesday she reported that she will take new measures to try to “change the course” of the city.

The mayor detailed that the new plan has as priorities: securing emergency police funding for needed resources; amending surveillance ordinance, so law enforcement can fight crime in real-time; and disrupting the illegal sales of stolen goods.

“Frankly, we need more action across the entire city to deal with the car break-ins, the burglaries, and, especially, the shootings. But our police have already been working overtime to address these and other serious challenges,” she said.

In light of Breed’s announcement, journalists such as Michael Shellenberger, who has followed the crime rates in San Francisco, explained that the new anti-crime measures will be resisted by progressives. But, he noted, it is an opportunity to make the right decisions.

Lack Security, Theft in San Francisco

In July, a study published by El American indicated that 8 out of 10 residents said that crime in the city has been steadily increasing in recent years, and that 90% believe the homelessness crisis is deepening over time, making it a priority for 76% to increase police presence in high-crime neighborhoods.

“The survey, which included a sample of 500 residents, also showed that 40% of those consulted consider moving to other states due to the rampant increase in insecurity, and 70% consider the deterioration of the quality of life to be evident,” the article states.

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