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McConnell Rejects Biden’s Infrastructure Plan, Calls It The ‘Wrong Direction’

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The Republican Party will not support the infrastructure plan of the Biden administration. This was announced by Republican Minority Leader, Senator Mitch McConnell (KY), during a press conference. In which he also promised to fight against the Democratic agenda, as he considers it “the wrong direction” for Americans.

Leader McConnell recalled that during the Trump administration, the economy was at its highest in 50 years, and argued that taxes should not be raised through an apparent infrastructure plan.

“Before the pandemic, we had the best economy in 50 years. We should not raise taxes under the guise of an infrastructure bill and send our economy in the wrong direction,” he said.

The decision compromises Biden’s plans because if he can’t get at least 10 Republicans to back his plan and turn his back on McConnell, he will have to rework the proposal to achieve budget reconciliation.

The infrastructure plan is an infrastructure rebuilding and modernization program unveiled Wednesday in Pittsburgh, with eight-year investments worth $2 trillion. The initiative calls for $620 billion for the transportation sector to modernize more than 20,000 miles of roads and highways and repair some 10,000 bridges across the country. Criticism of Biden’s plan has focused on the government’s intention to cover it by increasing the corporate tax from the current 21% to 28%.

For McConnell, it would also mean a possibility to comply with the agenda of the extreme left and thus reverse labor rights, which would eliminate jobs. He stressed that now is the time when workers need economic recovery the most.

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This Wednesday, former President Trump rejected the proposal with which Biden would raise taxes, and argued that, if approved, it would be a gift to China, as it would have consequences on the economy of American families and would affect the position of the United States in the world.

In an article published in Newsmax, the former President explained that Biden’s economic measures would strengthen foreign companies and affect American workers.

“Biden promised to ‘build back better’—but the country he is building up, in particular, is China and other large segments of the world. Under the Biden Administration, America is once again losing the economic war with China—and Biden’s ludicrous multi-trillion dollar tax hike is a strategy for total economic surrender. Sacrificing good paying American jobs is the last thing our citizens need as our country recovers from the effects of the Global Pandemic,” Trump wrote.