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McDonald’s Employee Murdered in NYC Over Cold Fries

Asesinan un empleado de McDonald's en Nueva York por unas papas frías

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A McDonald’s restaurant employee in Brooklyn, New York, died Friday after being shot by a man during a dispute over french fries on Monday, authorities said.

Matthew Webb, 23, was shot in the neck by Michael Morgan, 20, who had been charged with attempted murder and weapons possession in a case that will now be treated as a homicide, police told the media.

The deadly dispute occurred on Monday when Morgan’s mother, who had ordered food at the establishment, complained that her fries were cold to employees while on a video call with her son.

Morgan allegedly saw the employees laughing at his mother and went to McDonald’s, where he got into an argument with Webb. According to the local newspaper, The New York Post, the argument escalated and moved outside the restaurant.

Once on the street, Morgan struck Webb in the face and then shot him in the neck, which left the young man brain dead, according to authorities.

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The assailant, who had a criminal history with more than a dozen arrests, is expected to be charged with murder, as prosecutors anticipated Thursday to a judge even before Webb’s death.

The story doesn’t end there, as Morgan confessed to police to an unsolved murder and was charged of the death of a 28-year-old man in the restaurant area, according to ABC7.

In recent months there have been other cases of violence against employees of the fast food chain in New York: a stabbing by a customer last May and a murder during an armed robbery in January, both in Harlem.