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In Fiery Speech, Member of the European Parliament Calls Trudeau ‘Dictator of the Worst Kind’

Trudeau has received similar comments from MEPs in the past, after his aggressive approach to the Freedom Convoy protests

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During a visit to the European Parliament Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was accused by the representative of Croatia, Mislav Kolakušić, of leading “a dictatorship of the worst kind” in his country and stated that he has become a “symbol of the violation of rights.”

Kolakušić suggested that Trudeau had engaged in “trampling on the fundamental values” of Canadian citizens in his way of dealing with the peaceful Freedom Convoy protests against restrictions by COVID-19.

“In order to defend our rights and the rights of our children that we have acquired over the centuries, many of us, including myself, are ready to risk our own freedom and our own lives. Unfortunately, today there are among us those who trample on these fundamental values,” the Croatian parliamentarian said.

Trudeau and the Canadian “symbology”

Addressing Trudeau, the representative went on to say that Canada had once been “a symbol of the modern world,” but that “under your quasi-liberal boot” it had become a “symbol of civil rights violation,” and evoked the case of Candy Sero, a woman who was trampled by police horses while protesting in Ottawa.

“We saw how you run over women with horses, how you block the bank accounts of single parents so that they can’t even pay for their children’s education and medicine, that they can’t pay the utilities for mortgages and their houses,” Kolakušić assailed.

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“To you,” he continued, “these may be liberal methods, to many citizens of the world, it is dictatorship of the worst kind.”

The MEP assured Trudeau that “the citizens of the world united” are capable of stopping “any regime that wants to destroy their freedom,” regardless of whether they are oppressed by means of weapons or “pharmaceuticals.”

Trudeau has received similar comments from MEPs in the past following his aggressive approach to the Freedom Convoy protests. In February, Romania’s representative Cristian Terhes compared Trudeau to a “tyrant” and a “dictator” for his use of the Emergencies Act.

During his speech in front of the European Parliament, Trudeau referred to the Freedom Convoy protesters as “cynical populists” who sought to “exploit” the anxieties of Canadians during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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