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The Best Memes of the Week: Biden’s Army of ‘Influencers’ and Women Harasser Cuomo

Los mejores memes de la semana: Biden y su ejército de influencers


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Last week was loaded with plenty of meme-worthy material. It started with Cuomo’s resignation, followed by Hunter Biden’s new wanderings and his addiction to misplacing laptops; then Joe Biden assembling an army of influencers to promote vaccination, and ended with the real American military disbanded in Afghanistan. These are the best memes of the week.

The best memes of the week of Biden’s army of influencers

The old man who lives in the White House wants to show young people that he’s popular and cool, so he’s hired several influencers from TikTok and other social media to promote the vaccination campaign. Using the slang of the youthful lads, the result gives so much cringe you’d want to gouge your eyeballs out, dude.

best memes of the week - el american
Source: Latter-day Saint for Trump

Just one week after publishing this video, the Taliban recovered Afghanistan, destroying 20 years of effort and American bloodshed. Coincidence? I don’t think so.

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Source: Grand Old Memes
mejores memes hunter
Source: Grand Old Memes

The best memes of the week about Hunter Biden

We do not know if Hunter Biden is addicted to losing computers, or if memory problems are something that goes with the family name, but the fact is that he has already lost several laptops with sensitive information.

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mejores memes banner laptop
Source: Benny Johnson
mejores memes hunter laptops
Source: What I Meme to Say

Best memes of the week about Andrew Cuomo

Andrew Cuomo’s resignation in the wake of the alleged sexual harassment scandal is causing many to forget the real and most serious scandal of his administration: alleged nursing home negligence and malpractice during the pandemic.

mejores memes cuomo
Source: Reddit

Andrew Cuomo tried to explain himself by saying that because of his Italian ancestry, he is used to hugging and kissing more than is normal in America.

mejores memes cuomo italian
Source: What I Meme to Say