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The Best Memes of the Week: Socialism Doesn’t Work in Canada Either

In the best memes of the week, we are once again aware of the authoritarian measures of the Canadian government

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The section of the best memes of the week has been invaded —once again— by the memes of the truckers of the Freedom Convoy in Canada.

The best memes about Canada

Despite the fact that the Freedom Convoy seems to be being suffocated by Trudeau’s authoritarian measures, the memes on the subject do not decline. With each new tyrannical measure of the Canadian government, hundreds of new memes appear, reminding us that socialist governments always end up becoming authoritarian.

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Other of the best memes of the week

The following memes have found a place among the best memes of the week, although they have a timeless character. As long as you see them, they will remain true.

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mejores memes manifiesto
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